Jan 22, 2013

Dear MagiCover users!

If you receive com.facebook.sdk error2:

1) Restart MagiCover
2) Open System Settings -> Facebook -> <Your account name> -> Delete account. Then login with your account again
3) Answer YES on all alerts when you launch MagiCover next time

For support write us an e-mail. Thank-you.

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Aug 31, 2012

CurrencyGo 3.0 is available for download.. It’s a currency converter that provides currency exchange rates for Paypal, European Central Bank, Bloomberg, International, Central Bank of Russia. Supports more than 150 currencies

What’s new: Currency Charts with sharing feature


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Jun 19, 2012

Air clipboard sharing brand new feature video

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Jun 18, 2012

SyncMeApp 1.5 is ready for sale

Air clipboard sharing between Mac and iPhone/iPad without opening the application… New feature in version 1.5. Available on the AppStore


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Jun 4, 2012


CurrencyGo 2.8 new version video tutorial

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