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Oct 5, 2012

[MagiCover] Nice App - I like this app, it looks great, runs well on my iPhone 5 and most of all, it does the job it's designed to do. There is one pretty important issue that stops me from giving the app 5 stars though. The function to add an image from your iPhone's photo library is difficult to find and difficult to use. You have to tap between the borders of your cover and profile pictures (on the left hand side). When you do tap this, it doesn't always work first time. Hopefully the developers will add a separate 'add image' button in a future update. Otherwise this is a nice little app!

SteveAllen86 (USA)

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Sep 19, 2012

[CurrencyGo] Brilliant app ....!!!! - This app does exactly what it promises to do..... And it does it fabulously. Amazing

Tich(Poto) (United States)

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[CurrencyGo] Лучшее. Рекомендую - Реально лучшее в своем роде русскоязычное приложение.Парни молодцы! Допили в соответствии с моими рекомендациями и теперь это то, что доктор прописал.Конечно есть еще, что можно улучшить, например, сделать режим калькулятора, а не просто цифровую клавиатуру при наборе суммы, но это уже изыски. Спасибо!!!

macman777777 (Russia)

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[CurrencyGo] Awesome app for checking foreign currency - The app has an intuitive and clean design. I use it all the time to check for foreign currency exchanges. It is quite helpfull for mobile users. I think it is better than xe currency app, give it a try.

Piterlie (Indonesia)

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